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San Benito Campus Planning

Community Comments - post presentation, Tuesday, January 31, 2008

Veterans Memorial Building, Hollister

Notes taken by Steinberg Architects
Concern for one (1) entry/exit to campus
Emergency road out to Hwy 25 is in conceptual plans
Traffic study is a component of the Environmental Impact Study that is underway
Traffic study will indicate required entry/exit from the site

Suggestion that Sustainability be incorporated into curriculum

College to share resources with County/city; e.g. Planetarium, Library

Does green space in conceptual plan indicate grass
Green space suggests landscaping, not necessarily grass
Previous community input suggested drought tolerant plantings, native plantings, water conservation

Concern for native species on site
Native species and plantings are components of the Environmental Impact Study that is underway
Any required mitigations will be identified in the Environmental Impact Studies
Noted pond located in Northeast corner of site

Adjacent single family housing ingress/egress - concern expressed about density and traffic impacts
Not within the control of the college, but the developer's plans will also need to respond to required mitigations reported by Environmental Impact reports

Desire for a full service college with Child Development/Child Care
Confirmed to being a component of the planning; similar to the Gavilan Campus

Right of Way (Utilities and road widening) on Fairview may impact development of the site
Planning team has been made aware of future plans along Fairview, exact details were not shared

Where will water service come from?
District will research and report on this at next meeting, if known

Concern expressed about parking at the campus, ensure proper planning to avoid impacts on neighboring streets
Traffic Studies currently being undertaken will provide required parking counts.
While the District security does not patrol neighboring streets, the District has taken measures at the Gavilan Campus, increased parking as the need has arisen. The same care would be taken in San Benito.

Please help keep Gavilan College a litter-free campus and preserve its park-like setting.
Thank you.

Last modified: March 27, 2008
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