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Excerpt from Minutes of the Gavilan College
Board of Trustees Meeting

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

10) Information/Staff Reports

Update on Community Meetings in San Benito County

Ernie Yamane and Rob Bartleman (Steinberg Architects) presented an update on the community meeting and workshop in Hollister. Trustee Robinson reported that there were a lot of students at the workshop who participated. Trustee Child noted that Gavilan College is purchasing 80 acres from the developer who owns 130 acres of the site. All three options presented have open space for future expansion of the campus that could be shared by the residential community, certain areas have a place holder for future housing (student and faculty), retail, and athletic fields can be considered for community use. There is an additional road that could be used for emergency access.

Robert Huenemann, Harbern Way resident, stated concerns about campus access, emergency access, and any option that would hinder connection to the Sunnyslope Water District. Mr. Huenemann stated the second meeting was not properly noticed and neighbors were not able to participate. Steve stated that there would be another community meeting in Jan. 2008, time and place to be determined, to continue discussion on three options. Trustee Smith asked about public notice on meetings. Steve stated that the college meets the legal required public notice for all meetings. Jan Chargin reported that the information for the second meeting appeared in the Pinnacle and FreeLlance newspapers with notices in the brief section and an article in the Free Lance, the day of the meeting. Post cards were sent to every resident in San Benito County, delivered and received by the San Jose post office, then lost. Jan requested an investigation by Mike Honda's office and it is in process. Trustee Child stated that information was in both Hollister newspapers; however, there was an error on the date in the Freelance publication. The second publication had the correct information. Jan suggested that community members be added to an email, which provides information on the San Benito property acquisition. Mr. Huenemann stated a concern about the campus being a community athletic activity center, not an academic campus, particularly with evening activities.

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