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Board Facilities Development and Utilization Subcommittee Minutes

January 22, 2008

  Committee Members: Tom Breen, Mark Dover, Deb Smith, and Andrew Williams (Student Trustee)
  Committee Resources: Nancy Bailey, Joe Keeler, and Steve Kinsella
  Others Present: Nancy Bailey, Casey Michaelis (Kitchell), Sara Suddes, Robert Tanaka (Tanaka Design Group), and Bill Wagner

1) Call Meeting to Order: Trustee Tom Breen called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.
2) Approve Minutes: Minutes from the October 10 meeting were approved unanimously. MS (Smith/Dover)
3) Comments from the Public: No comments from the public.

4) Tentative 2008 Schedule of Activities

Joe Keeler referenced "Construction Update #18" which provides a timeline of campus renovation projects through December 2008. The monthly updates are emailed to all staff and posted on the Gavilan webpage. Joe also referenced the "Gavilan College, Tentative 2008 Schedule" identifies the tasks pertaining to campus moves that will occur throughout the summer and into the fall 2008 . This schedule is tentative and is used internally for planning.

5) Review Measure E Phase II Site Improvements Project:

5.1. Project Scope

Dean Tatsuno, BFGC Architecture, provided a drawing, illustrating the Phases of the Site Improvement Project. The first phase is complete. He identified the areas in Phase II that would receive parking lot site improvements, paving, lighting and increased parking spaces. Some areas will have increased lighting only. Bob Tanaka, Tanaka Design, reviewed the work to be completed in Phase II. Trustee Dover asked about liability for damages to cars parked in designated spaces by the baseball field. Bob Tanaka recommended posting signs that indicate you park at your own risk. Dean Tatsuno recommended the District seek legal counsel on that concern.

Bill Wagner asked about the traffic flow after a sporting event and a possible traffic choke at the entrance of Lot H. Dean Tatsuno said the entrance is located directly across from a future road out of Lot C. Bob said he would note the concern.

Another drawing illustrated changes planned for Lots' A, B, and C. The estimate for additional parking spaces total about 300. Casey will check the plans for an exact number.

5.2. Project Phasing

Casey Michaelis talked about the timing of the project which involved submitting the plans to the DSA in two weeks, tentatively bidding out the project in April, and submitting a recommendation to the Board of Trustees at their May meeting. The project would commence during the summer months.

5.3. Project Budget

Casey Michaelis reviewed the "Budget Summary: Phase 2 Site Improvement Projects - Gavilan College; Revised January 16, 2008". The hard construction costs for Phase II are estimated at $2,065,000. The costs may increase if the work has to be completed in phases to accommodate access to the golf course. Because of the extensive work being completed around the ball fields and Lot H that area will not have available parking all summer. Ron Hannon and Bill Wagner have been consulted in the planning for this. Casey will also contact Terry Newman. The full impact will be evaluated by May.

Trustee Dover asked if it was possible to pave walkways to the ball fields. Casey indicated that it could be a bid alternate and that the grade would have to be looked at for accessibility.

The Board approved Phase II in November, with conceptual drawings and the hard construction costs estimated at $1.7 million. Now with detailed drawings, the estimate is at $2, 065,000. Soft costs will increase it to $2,804,365. Casey provided a reconciliation of the Site Improvement program budget which results in $1,170,863 coming out of the Measure E Program Contingency. The Measure E Program Contingency fund total would be $434,420.

Steve Kinsella noted that general funds are not available to assist with ME program overages but that state funding received for other campus building projects will free up some ME funds. He noted that the PE building renovation project had been approved for state funding. Steve said the alternatives are a need for site improvements versus a deficit in ME budget. Joe Keeler noted that a number of renovation building projects still remain and may need contingency funding also. Casey noted that every program budget has 5% of hard construction costs in the program contingency fund to help offset costs.

Trustee Smith asked if we were leaving ourselves in a vulnerable position by using our program contingencies. Casey replied that every effort is made to keep the bids and projects below budget. Other funding possibilities include use of student fees for the student center renovation project and state funding of renovation projects.

Trustee Dover asked why the projects budgets run over. Casey said reasons include DSA requests and change orders due to the unforeseen such as the asbestos issue in the Science Complex.

5.4. Committee Recommendation

Phase II Site Improvement Project was approved by the Board of Trustees at their November 13, 2007 meeting. The members of the Facilities Development and Utilization Committee agreed by consensus to continue with Phase II as outlined.
6) Student Trustee Request - ADA compliant ramp north of Student Center:

6.1. Project Scope (options)

Bob Tanaka and Dean Tatsuno reviewed four (4) options that address a concern brought by Student Trustee Williams regarding accessibility from the north end of the Student Center to Sycamore Lane and the Library. All options were discussed.

6.2. Project Costs (options)

Casey provided estimated costs for each option. Steve Kinsella noted that several of the options may be needed to upgrade accessibility from the Student Center to the Library with a minimum cost of $700,000. He recommended that this project be included in the buildings renovation plans for the Student center and the Library.

Dean noted that the existing ramp was ADA compliant at the time of construction. Joe Keeler reviewed the process of completing the Facility Master Plan in 2006 and the inclusion of the ADA Transition Plan. This Plan identifies areas that are out of compliance and allows the District time to make the changes. It is reasonable for the District to make these changes as the renovation progresses from building to building. Dean also recommended that these options be addressed during the renovation of the Student Center. At that time the DSA would review the drawings for ADA compliance.

Trustee Smith asked if there was something that could be done now and if the District had received any complaints. Student Trustee Williams said he has assisted students down the existing ramp. Steve Kinsella and Joe Keeler both indicated they had not received any complaints and that a temporary fix was not possible.

Student Trustee Williams asked that the walkway along Lot D be looked at for improvements as the sidewalk dead-ends and requires the pedestrian to walk back out into the street to proceed down the steps to the student center. Joe said he would take a look at that.

In summary, without state assistance there is no funding available for the project.

6.3. Committee Recommendation

After discussion, the Board Facilities Development and Utilization Committee agreed by consensus not to move forward on alternate ADA accessibility ramps from the Student Center to the Library at this time and to review the options when those building projects are renovated and funding can be identified.
7) Status of Other Campus Measure E Projects:

7.1. Humanities/Art/Music Renovation Project

Casey reported that the move into interim housing has been discussed with the user group.

7.2. Maintenance and Security Renovation Project

The project will begin this summer after the Police Academy has moved into the completed Occupational Education building. The Police Academy portables will serve as interim housing for the maintenance and security staff.

7.3. Building Design Issue: Gutters and Eaves

Casey reported that the existing gutter building design encourages water build up and dry rot damage. This damage exists on the west side of the Life Science building and will probably be found on other buildings as the renovations continue. Casey provided drawings illustrating both the current gutter design and a proposed change. The proposed change would affect the appearance of the building. The current wood awning would be eliminated. The change in the gutter placement is not included in the budgets and would total $250,000.

7.4. Committee Recommendation:

The Facilities Development and Utilization Committee agreed by consensus to make changes to the gutter building design and incorporate them into the upcoming building renovation plans as needed.
8) Status of Overall Measure E Program

8.1. Coyote Valley

Steve Kinsella reported on the status of the Coyote Valley property and the proposed center. Estimates for infrastructure and drainage are high and the remaining funds would allow for only 4800 sq feet instructional space. This would not be enough space for a useable facility. Steve recommended that we continue to close on the property and pay all remaining fees and expenses. Trustee Breen noted that development in that area had slowed down. Trustee Dover asked if there would be any ongoing costs. Steve responded that we would have liability insurance and property maintenance.

8.2. San Benito County

The San Benito property should close by year end. Trustee Dover noted that we have accomplished what was intended in the bond and that was to acquire the property in both Coyote Valley and San Benito. Trustee Smith said it was good to reflect back to our original goals.
9) Five Year Construction Plan Update/Load Capacity Ratios

Joe reported that load cap ratios are important to retaining state funding and a meeting is scheduled on January 30 to plan how to maximize that effort.

10) Other Campus Projects

Scoreboard: Casey reported that the scoreboard is up. Once the power is completed, it will be tested. Trustee Dover said the softball complex looks great and is one of the nicer ones in the conference.

11) Next Meeting Date

The next meeting will be arranged as needed

12) Adjourned 12. Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m. MS (Breen/Smith)

Please help keep Gavilan College a litter-free campus and preserve its park-like setting.
Thank you.

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