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Board Facilities Sub Committee Minutes

November 15, 2005

  Committee Members: Tom Breen, Mark Dover and Debra Smith
  Committee Resources: Joe Keeler, Steve Kinsella
  Guests: Dave Cartnal, Ron Hannon, and Casey Michaelis

1) Call Meeting to Order: Trustee Tom Breen called the meeting to order at 4:10 p.m.
2) Approve Minutes: Minutes from the October 5, 2005 meeting were approved unanimously, MS (Smith /Dover).
3) Comments from the Public: No comments.

4) Discuss Possible Upgrades to Gavilan Sports Complex

Ron Hannon distributed a handout, "Gavilan College Sports Complex Upgrade Project, November 15, 2005." Ron reviewed the history of and relationship with the City of Gilroy concerning the Gavilan College Sports Complex to date. He noted that bond money was not earmarked for sports facilities. The improvements that are needed will have to be paid through fundraising efforts. Ron reviewed the purpose and three phases recommended for project improvements.

Ron answered questions and received comments from the Committee members.

The Board asked that Ron discuss this project at the December Board meeting as an information item. The next step would be to ask the Board to take action at the January Board meeting. The action would be the authorization to proceed with the Sports Complex project.

Ron also discussed a very tentative concept concerning the development of a Gavilan Sports Stadium. This project would also need to be paid through fundraising efforts.

5) Review and Disposition of Draft Facilities Master Plan

Joe Keeler noted that additional discussions for building user groups were added to the schedule. He also pointed out that all comments made at the building user group discussions and also those submitted in writing, have been recorded and addressed by the project management team.

This report was presented by David Cartnal and Casey Michaelis. Please refer to the attached notes for the detail of this report.

6) Next Meeting Dates
  The next meeting of the Board Facility Subcommittee is Tuesday, December 6 from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in Chemistry 102.
7) Adjourned.  



Please help keep Gavilan College a litter-free campus and preserve its park-like setting.
Thank you.

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