Board Facilities Sub Committee Minutes

April 25, 2005



Committee Members: Tom Breen, Mark Dover and Debra Smith

Committee Resources: Dave Cartnal, Jim Goodell, Joe Keeler, Steve Kinsella, Casey Michaelis, and Susan State


1)    Call Meeting to Order: President, Steve Kinsella, called the meeting to order.


2)    Comments from the Public:  No comments.


3)    Information Item:


a)    Land Use (Gavilan Golf Course):  Ms. State and Mr. Goodell distributed copies of the Gavilan Residential Opportunities Study dated Feb 2, 2005. Ms. State gave a brief overview of the various land use options and the analysis for each option concerning the current Gavilan Golf Course property.


Ms. State noted that this piece of property is very valuable because of its location, natural beauty and proximity to the college. The report identified that there is strong market demand for active adult (age 55 or older) housing. By co-locating an active adult community with a college this housing complex can take advantage of the college's life long learning programs including older adult non credit courses. In addition to the active adult housing component Ms. State evaluated a student and faculty/staff housing component. The report includes ideas for having all three housing types available should the land be developed for residential use. In addition, student housing would allow us to market ourselves as a destination college and to also provide a more comprehensive "full college life" experience.


The Board Facilities Subcommittee recommended that the report be presented to the full Board of Trustees and that the Board be asked to approve continued evaluation of the site for use as residential housing options that will support the College's programs.  Should the Board approve additional study and evaluation, The College will initiate the internal dialogue on campus. Development work could take as long as two years.


b)   Coyote Valley Update: Mr. Goodell indicated that there was nothing new to report concerning Coyote Valley.


c)   Guidelines and Planning Process for bond Expenditures:  Mr. Keeler introduced Mr. Michaelis and Mr. Cartnal who presented, for subcommittee input, draft guidelines and the planning process for bond expenditures. Ms. Smith asked what the process was for soliciting additional staff and student input into the planning process. Mr. Keeler described how we try and offer many "bites of the apple" to those individuals who are interested. The District has been working with two committees in particular, the District Technology Committee and its subcommittees and the Health, Safety, Facility, and Grounds Committee. Ms. Smith asked if Mr. Keeler would provide a flow chart of the basic process for soliciting staff and student input at the May 10 Board meeting.


d)    Status of Other Projects:  Mr. Michaelis reviewed the status of various projects with the subcommittee including the tennis court renovation.


4.         Adjourned.