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Board Community Education Committee

February 13, 2007

  Committee Members: Deb Smith, Mark Dover, Laura Perry, Jesse Sandow
  Committee Resources: S. Kinsella, Terry Newman

1) Call Meeting to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.
2) Comments from the Public: No comments from the public.

3) Informational Item(s):
  1. Report from Community Education Director

    Terry Newman reviewed the report: income is up, the same as last year, adding adult classes in the summer was successful, and enrollment is strong. The goal is to enroll more students not have more classes. Room scheduling continues to be a problem. A suggestion was made to make sure there are a sufficient number of rooms for classes that are offered. Terry is working with Larry Cope, Director, Economic Development for the City of Gilroy, to make a connection with developers to train employees. Motorcycle enrollment is flat. Terry is trying to add an advanced training class. The motorcycle program has been working well since outsourced and Terry indicated that she remains the site administrator. When the contract is up in June Terry will try to negotiate a higher student rate.

  2. Future Plans

    Reduce overhead costs; identify new programs and activities, research and develop certificate programs, continue to research offerings at off-campus venues, continue cold calls, develop more classes for Professional Development Institute, conduct marketing for the CAHSEE grant through Community Development office, pursue industry driven regional collaboratives and/or other grants, expand motorcycle program to two ranges and add advanced rider training.

    Rosa Bentley, Vice President, Activities, on behalf of the ASB, announced Black History Month and distributed buttons.

    Trustee Dover stated he would like to see the sports camp offered again. Terry reported that she has contacted Neal Andrade to begin discussions on initiating sports camps. There is a concern about the new field. The following suggestions were Trustee Smith noted that Goldsmith Seeds does have a soccer and volleyball camp and suggested that Terry contact them to inquire about the use of the facilities. Trustee Dover suggested contacting coaches at the high schools to teach sports camps. Trustee Perry suggested partnering with the campus in Morgan Hill and the Morgan Hill Recreation Center to offer a sports camp. To minimize the cost of a sports camp a suggestion was made to use a company (Skyhawk) in Portland, Oregon to handle registration. Trustee Smith suggested offering a golf camp.

4) Adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

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