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Gavilan College
Inter Club Council (ICC)


Inter Club Council (ICC) is the structural head of all campus clubs. ICC exists so that students who wish to have an officially recognized club with partial funding and institutional support can do so. Clubs who are officially recognized by ICC are entitled to have official meetings on campus, use facilities set aside for clubs, fundraise on campus, and receive supporting funds. ICC is the governing body that officially declares whether a club is active or inactive. Below are the guidelines to staying an active club in ICC:

Starting a Club on Campus

Any student can join an existing campus club or start a new one. If you are interested in starting a new club, first take some time to read the Starting a New Campus Club document and view the Sample Club Constitution. To start a new club, you must have the following:

  • An on-campus advisor who is a Gavilan College Staff/faculty
  • A constitution or set of by-laws
  • A minimum of five (5) interested students

Upon submitting your slate of officers to the Student Senate, a new club can request a one-time start-up contribution of up to $200. Upon establishment, campus clubs can receive continued assistance and support with ongoing activities and a contribution of $100 per semester.

Inter Club Council Meetings

In any given semester, ICC meetings will be held at the beginning of every month. This allows for four meetings in a semester. All clubs are required to attend the four scheduled ICC meetings each term.  Absence in more than one meeting in a semester will result in the yearly $100 ICC contribution to be withheld. In this case, the club will be under observation until further proof of club activity. 

All ICC meetings will be held in the Student Center North/South Lounge during College Hour 12:50pm-1:50pm.

Fall 2016 ICC Meetings

Tuesday September 6, 2016
Tuesday October 4, 2016
Tuesday November 1, 2016
Tuesday December 6, 2016

At each ICC meeting, clubs are responsible for having an active representative who will be a voting member.  Clubs are allowed to have more than one representative, but only one individual is allowed to vote.  Also, an individual representative cannot represent nor vote on behalf of more than one club.  In the event that a club representative is unable to attend an ICC meeting, advisors are to attend the scheduled meetings.  If there is a case in which no representative can make the meeting time, the club is responsible for either finding a replacement representative, or informing the ICC president of absence prior to the scheduled meeting.

Campus Club Fundraisers

California Education Code sections 48932 and 76062 require that governing boards, such as the ASGC Senate, approve fundraising events.  In order for your campus club fundraiser event to be considered, please complete the Fundraiser Approval Request Form at the beginning of each term and submit it to VP of Clubs at and the ASGC Advisor (Dr. Blanca Arteaga) at or in her mailbox.  Please refer to the Gavilan College ASGC Fundraiser Policy for more detailed information on fundraising events. 

Fall 2015 Club Day

To learn more about our campus clubs or to sign up, be sure to attend Club Day

Tuesday September 13, 2016
During College Hour:

Gavilan College Campus Clubs

The following clubs are active on the Gavilan College Campus. For more information, contact the club advisor(s) listed below.

Campus Club
Club Advisor(s)

Child Development Club

Ambassadors Club

Celia Marquez*


Diane Stone*

Communication Club


Kelly Glass*

Computer Science Club


Pamela Wiese*


Drama Club (TADA)



Gavilan College Science Alliance


Rey Morales*

Gavilan Film Club


Grant Richards*
Jeronimo Garcia*

Gavilan Re-Entry Club


Dr. Enrique Luna*

Health Career Club

Leslie Bach

Jennifer Nari*

Student Veterans Club


Jillian Wilson*

Supporting Academic Success for Immigrant Students (SASIS)


Email SASIS Club

Spring 2016 Meeting Dates


Dr. Blanca Arteaga*

*Club Advisors are encouraged to login to MyGav to check their campus club account balance. At the beginning of every semester, each club must present a list of current club membership. Each club is also responsible for identifying club representatives and providing their contact information to the ICC president.    

For assistance or for more information, please stop by the ASGC office located in the Student Center, call 408-848-4777, or contact any of the ASGC officers below.

  • ASGC Vice President of Campus Clubs: (Vacant)
  • ASGC President: Priscilla Ahmed
  • ASGC Advisor: Dr. Blanca Arteaga


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