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The Executive Cabinet of the ASB is comprised of the positions listed below. Officers are elected during the Spring semester. Candidates for all positons meet the following requirements:

Elections are held during the last weeks of April. Officer vacancies are filled by appointment by the ASB president. If you are interested in a position, please contact the ASB at 848-4777.

Meet your Fall 2012 Executive Cabinet:

President -                           Mario Escudero


Student Trustee -              


VP Coordinated Services -Lindsey Khan


VP Records-                        Jomer Polanes


VP Events & Activities -   Tyler Singleton


VP Finance -                      


VP Clubs -                            Brenda Paez


VP Communications -      


VP Athletics -                    


ASB Advisor -                     Johanna Stewart

Director of Student Activities:  Lewis Hall

The advisor to the ASB works closely with the Student Senate to represent all Gavilan College students', educational, political and social interests on campus. The ASB Clubs and Activities Coordinator assists with the coordination of clubs, various social and cultural activities and may be reached at 408.852.2849.

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