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Any student can join an existing club or start a new one.  All you need is:

  • An on-campus advisor.
  • A constitution or set of by-laws.
  • At least 5 interested students.

Upon submitting your slate of officers to the Student Senate, a new club can request start-up support. Consult with the ASB for help with set up and support for ongoing activities. Call the ASB at 408-848-4777 or drop by the office, which is located in the Student Center, for assistance.

  • Associated Student Body (ASB) Advisor - Johanna Stewart (jstewart@gavilan.edu)
  • Director of Student Activities - vacant
  • Vice President of Clubs - vacant (asb.vpclubs@gavilan.edu)

Current Clubs: The following clubs are active on the Gavilan College Campus. For more information, contact the advisor and/or student representative below.

  • Administration Justice - Steve Smith (ssmith@gavilan.edu)
  • Ambassadors Club - Celia Marquez (cmarquez@gavilan.edu)
  • Music Club -
  • Child Development Center (CDC) Parent Club - Susan Alonzo (salonzo@gavilan.edu)
  • Cosmetology - Maree Andre & Gilbert Ramirez (mandre@gavilan.edu) & (gramirez@gavilan.edu)
  • EOPS - Lucy Olivares (lolivares@gavilan.edu)
  • Inception Literary Magazine - Kim Smith (ksmith@gavilan.edu)
  • Health Promotion Club - Alice Dufresne-Reyes (adufresnesreyes@gavilan.edu)
  • International Students Club - Elena Dachkova (edachkova@gavilan.edu)
  • Latina Leadership Network - Celia Marquez (cmarquez@gavilan.edu)
  • MANO - Gary Cribb (gcribb@gavilan.edu)
  • Cheerleaders - Rachel Beccerra (rbeccerra@gavilan.edu)
  • Rho Alpha Mu (Honor Society) - Jennifer Nari  (jnari@gavilan.edu)
  • Science Alliance - Rey Morales (rmorales@gavilan.edu)
  • TADAA (Drama) Club - John Lawton-Haehl (jlawtonhaehl@gavilan.edu)
  • Teach for Tomorrow -
  • Communications - Ellen Waddell (ewaddell@gavilan.edu)
  • Model U.N. - Enrique Luna  (eluna@gavilan.edu)
  • Knights of Gavilan - Scott Sandler  (ssandler@gavilan.edu)
  • Vets Club - Dave Phillips (dphillips@gavilan.edu)
  • Out Club - Karen Warren (kwarren@gavilan.edu)
  • Otaku (Anime) -
  • Overflow Christian - Dr. Carlton Oler (coler@gavilan.edu)
  • Digital Media -
  • Engineering - Russell Lee (rlee@gavilan.edu)


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