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Required Class for Carpentry

Total Units Required:38.75 units
CARP 201 Worker Safety and Tool Skills1.50 units
CARP 202 The Apprenticeship Carpenter and the Trade2.00 units
CARP 203 Construction Math and Intro to Working Drawings2.00 units
CARP 204 Foundations and Floors1.00 unit
CARP 205 Residential Blueprint Reading2.50 units
CARP 206 Structural Framing1.00 unit
CARP 207 Form Detailing, Construction, and Erection1.00 unit
CARP 208 Exterior Finish1.00 unit
CARP 209 Blueprint Reading Commercial and Industrial2.00 units
CARP 210 Structural Concrete Bridge Building1.00 unit
CARP 211 Interior Finish1.00 unit
CARP 212 Level and Layout Instruments1.75 units
CARP 213 Engineered Structural Systems1.00 unit
CARP 214 Interior Systems1.00 unit
CARP 215 Stair Building1.00 unit
CARP 216 Roof Framing1.00 unit
CARP 217 Introduction of Welding and Cutting1.00 unit
And a minimum of 16 units from the following:
CARP 290 Work Experience in Carpenter Apprenticeship
16.00 units

Last modified: November 29, 2014
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