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Registered Nursing


Registered Nursing


The Registered Nursing Program is open to Licensed Vocational Nurses or those who have successfully completed a Vocational Nursing Program.  Upon completion of the Registered Nursing Program and passing the Licensing Examination, students will have job entry skills for the Registered Nurse.

Registered Nursing students have two options:

Associate Degree:   Associate degree Registered Nursing requires completion of the courses listed below together with general education requirements.  Students are then qualified for a Certificate of Completion in Registered Nursing and an Associate of Science Degree.

30-Unit Option:   Completion of the courses listed below will qualify the students for a Certificate of Completion in Registered Nursing.  This option is available to Licensed Vocational Nurses only.  Please consult a counselor.

Certificate Requirements
BIO 9 Human Physiology
BIO 8 General Microbiology
AH 43 Interactive & Mental Health Nursing
AH 44 Compensatory Nursing


For more information call Gavilan College Allied Health Department