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IIIB Physical Resources

3B.1 Weekly Safety Check List
3B.2 Accident/Injury/Incident Form
Safety/Health Hazard Form
3B.3 Illness, Injury Prevention Program Safety Check Lists
3B.4 Health, Safety, Facilities, and Grounds Committee Website
3B.5 IIPP Program
3B.6 SWACC Report
3B.7 Emergency Plan and Procedures Guide
3B.8 Utilization Analysis
3B.9 Facilities Master Plan
3B.10 Bond Meeting Notes
3B.11 Proposed Scope of Work Revised 1/10/2006
3B.12 Facilities Master Plan Appendices
3B.13 Unscheduled Maintenance Overages
3B.14 Title 24 of the California Building Code
3B.15 Accessibility Surveys A.D.A. Transition Plan
3B.16 Technology Master Plan Computer Replacement Schedule
3B.17 Five Year Construction Plan
3B.18 California Education Code, Section 81800 and others
3B.19 Faculty Handbook Maintenance and Repair Schedule
3B.20 Gavilan Committee List and Schedule
3B.21 Board Meeting Minutes, February 14, 2005

Last modified: February 2, 2007
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