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In its letter to Gavilan College on June 29, 2007, the Accreditation Commission requested the college provide a progress report that addresses Recommendation 1:

Planning, Evaluation, and Program Review:

In order for the college to ensure an ongoing, systematic, and cyclical process that includes evaluation, planning, resource allocation, implementation, and re-evaluation, the team recommends the following evaluation and improvement steps:


The college formally structure and document all aspects of the planning process by which budget requests connect to program reviews and their accompanying unit plans and ensure the consistent application of the planning procedures throughout the college (I.B.3)(II.A.2.c,e,f)(II.B.1)(II.C.2).


The college regularly evaluate and document the college's progress on the achievement of goals outlined in the strategic plan and individual unit plans and use the results of this evaluation to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness (I.B.2, I.B.4)(II.A.2.c,e,f)(II.B.4)(II.C.2). 


The college develop mechanisms to evaluate regularly all of the college's planning and resource allocation processes (I.B.6) (II.A.2.c, e, f)(II.B.1, 4)(II.C.2).

In preparing the necessary process changes, the college deconstructed the three components of the recommendation and then considered the team's evaluation comments in support of the recommendation. For ease of determining the actions taken by Gavilan College since the team's visit, this Progress Report has been formatted to isolate the comments of concern to the team at the time of the visit and the actions taken by the college to address those concerns. The accreditation standard requirements were also considered when implementing corrective action. To ensure the college has not misinterpreted the intent of the Commission's recommendation and to ensure the college properly addressed specific instances that resulted in the recommendation, this response has been formatted so that each team evaluation comment and accreditation standard cited in the recommendation are addressed.

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