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IIID Financial Resources

3D.1 Final Budget Fiscal Year 06/07
3D.2 Accreditation Self Study Report, 2000
3D.3 March 11, 2003 - Gavilan Board of Trustees Agenda Item 11 (b) Expenditure Reduction Task Force
3D.4 College of Choice Task Force Documents
3D.5 Student Schedule Preference Survey Results, 2004
3D.6 GASB Actuarial Valuation, 2006
3D.7 Board Policy 1200, Board Policy and Procedures Manual
3D.8 Multi Year Budget Projections @ 11/29/04; General Fund
3D.9 Education Master Plan
3D.10 Facilities Master Plan
3D.11 Technology Master Plan
3D.12 Full-Time Faculty Hiring Plan
3D.13 Board Policy 6200, ibid.
3D.14 Board Policy 6250 and Administrative Procedure 6250, ibid.
3D.15 Administrative Procedure 6305, ibid.
3D.16 Board Policy 6300, Administrative Procedure 6300 and Board Policy 6330, ibid.
3D.17 Annual Financial Report June 30, 2000
3D.18 Annual Financial Report June 30, 2001
3D.19 Annual Financial Report June 30, 2002
3D.20 Annual Financial Report June 30, 2003
3D.21 Annual Financial Report June 30, 2004
3D.22 Annual Financial Report June 30, 2005
3D.23 College Budget Committee Minutes
3D.24 Board Policy 6340 and Administrative Procedure 6340, ibid.

Last modified: March 6, 2007
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