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IIIC Technology Resources

3C.1 Technology Master Plan
3C.2 DTC Mission
3C.3 DTC Bylaws
3C.4 Gavilan Club Blogs
3C.5 2005 Employee Accreditation Survey Questions and Results
3C.6 2005 Student Accreditation Survey Questions and Results
3C.7 Minimum Standards for Classrooms and Labs
3C.8 DTC Minutes
3C.9 Faculty Senate Technology Committee
3C.10 Section 508 Board Policy (BP 6340) & Administrative Procedures (AP 6340; AP 6360; AP 6365)
3C.11 WebHeads Committee
3C.12 Measure E Website and Minutes
3C.13 Etudes Alliance Membership & Hosting / Support Services Fees Contract (2004-05)
3C.14 Staff Resource Center Schedule
3C.15 Faculty Staff Development Committee
3C.16 Faculty Staff Development Committee's Constitution and By-laws
3C.17 2005-06 Unit Plan-College Staff Development Committee-Goal 4 (5/16/2005)
3C.18 Distance Education Department site
3C.19 Fiscal Year 2004-2005 Telecommunications and Technology Infrastructure Program (TTIP) Guidelines (Section D)
3C.20 Gavilan Home Page
3C.21 Computer Use-Board Policy 3720 & Administrative Procedure 3720
3C.22 Alternate Media Production Guidelines
3C.23 Section 508 Implementation Plan

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