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IIIA Human Resources

3A.1 State Minimum Qualifications Standards
3A.2 Faculty job announcements
3A.3 Gavilan College Catalog
3A.4 Hiring procedures
3A.5 Management Compensation and Classification Study
3A.6 Classified staff Compensation and Classification Study
3A.7 CSEA contract
3A.8 List of Names of Employees Qualified for Professional Growth.
3A.9 Staff Resource Center
3A.10 Interview questions template
3A.11 Reference Checking format
3A.12 Direction of Education at Gavilan Community College (June 9, 2004)
3A.13 List of advertising sources
3A.14 Copy of Sign located outside of the Human Resources Bldg.
3A.15 Equivalency Request form
3A.16 Employee Accreditation Survey
3A.17 Administrative Procedure 3250 Institutional Planning Policy
3A.18 Faculty Evaluation Packet
3A.19 GCFA Contract, Sections 19.1-19.5
3A.20 Part-Time Evaluation Form
3A.21 Administrators and Managers Handbook
3A.22 Administrators/Manager Evaluation Form
3A.23 Classified Evaluation Form
3A.24 The Oath of Office
3A.25 Drug Free Policy
3A.26 Gift Acceptance Policy
3A.27 Computer Use Policy
3A.28 Political Activity Policy
3A.29 Personal Use of Resources
3A.30 Final Budget Fiscal Year 06/07
3A.31 Five-Year Faculty hiring plan
3A.32 Section 7 - Board Policies and Procedures
3A.33 Gavilan College Faculty Association Contract
3A.34 Gavilan College Class Schedule (Summer/Fall 2006)
3A.35 Student Handbook
3A.36 Administrative Procedure 3410 Non Discrimination Policy
3A.37 Annual Notice of Confidential Process For Reasonable Accommodation
3A.38 Board Policy 3410 Non Discrimination Policy
3A.39 EEO Voluntary Questionnaire
3A.40 Candidate Exit Interview
3A.41 Board Policy 3430 Prohibition of Harassment and Hate Crime

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