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IIB Student Learning Programs and Service Student Support Services

2B.1 College Mission
2B.2 Student Profile of Opening Enrollment Fall 2001 Fall 2005
2B.3 College Catalog
2B.4 Schedule of Classes
2B.5 Student Handbook
2B.6 Gavilan College Website Homepage
2B.7 Spanish Language Admission Application
2B.8 Section 508 Web Accessibility Standards
2B.9 Matriculation Program Plan 2005-2006
2B.10 Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) Program Review
2B.11 Research Link
2B.12 Institutional Learning Outcomes
2B.13 Associated Student Body (ASB)
2B.14 Admissions
2B.15 Assessment
2B.16 CalWORKs
2B.17 Career/Transfer Center
2B.18 Counseling Services
2B.19 Disability Resource Center (DRC)
2B.20 Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS)
2B.21 Financial Aid
2B.22 Health Services
2B.23 Math, Engineering, Science Achievement Program (MESA)
2B.24 Outreach
2B.25 Puente Program
2B.26 Transfer Institute
2B.27 TRIO
2B.28 Tutoring Center
2B.29 Veteran's Services
2B.30 Writing Center
2B.31 DRC Technical Review
2B.32 EOPS Program Satisfaction Survey
2B.33 TRIO Annual Program Report
2B.34 MESA Program Survey
2B.35 Student Evaluation of Online Distance Ed Course
2B.36 Measure E Bond
2B.37 Student Accreditation Survey
2B.38 Acceptance of Transfer Credits (p. 27 of online catalog)
2B.39 2001 Accreditation Evaluation Report
2B.40 APE Building
2B.41 DRC Accommodations Information Manual
2B.42 EOPS Program Review, May 2000, p.4-11
2B.43 Student Interest Survey, 2005
2B.44 Sports Complex Upgrade Proposal Document
2B.45 Student Clubs
2B.46 Stand Together Committee Minutes
2B.47 The Gavilan Press
2B.48 DRC Brochure
2B.49 Counseling Dept Unit Plan Plan 04-Counseling.xls
2B.50 Faculty Contract, Article XIX, section 19.5
2B.51 Faculty Contract, Article XIX, sections 19.1-19.4
2B.52 FYE Student Surveys and the Transfer Institute Surveys
2B.53 Board Minutes 7/13/06
2B.54 Advertising Publications
2B.55 EOPS, TRIO, and MESA Workshops Series
2B.56 Consequential Validation Study
2B.57 Title 5
2B.58 Impact of Follow-Up Counseling On Academic Performance and Persistence
2B.59 Campus Diversity Climate Survey 2002
2B.60 Academic Performance in Math and English
2B.61 Math Placement Satisfaction Survey

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