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IIA - Student Learning Programs and Services Instructional Programs

2A.1 Mission Statement
2A.2 Vision Statement
2A.3 Direction of Education
2A.4 Program Learning Outcomes
2A.5 Unit Plans
2A.6 Curriculum Progress Reports
2A.7 IEC Instructional Review Form (3).doc
2A.8 Board of Trustees Policies and Procedure
2A.9 Faculty Evaluation Procedures
2A.10 Faculty and Employee Accreditation Survey, March 2006
2A.11 E-mail correspondence from S. Kinsella (9/24/04), L. Halper (9/28/04), B. Lawn (9/24/04)
2A.12 Board of Trustees Minutes (November 9, 2004)
2A.13 Curriculum Committee Homepage
2A.14 Enrollment Monitor Reports
2A.15 Student Profiles
2A.16 Area Studies (e.g., English, Math, etc.); Success, Retention,
and Persistence Enrollment Profiles, College Performance Indicators
2A.17 CTEP/MDTP Student Assessment Instrument
2A.18 IEC Minutes
2A.19 Advisory Board Input
2A.20 Educational Master Plan
2A.21 Curriculum Committee Form D
2A.22 Online Class Evaluation Form
2A.23 Learning Community Satisfaction Surveys
2A.24 Student Accreditation Survey, March 2006
2A.25 Interviews with department faculty
2A.26 An Evaluation of Computer Assisted Instruction in ESL
2A.27 Curriculum Committee Minutes
2A.28 College Catalog
2A.29 Sample Course Syllabi
2A.30 Institutional Learning Outcomes
2A.31 Fall 2006 Schedule of Classes
2A.32 Community Education Class Schedule
2A.33 Curriculum Guide
2A.34 Curriculum Committee Form C
2A.35 Curriculum Committee Minutes
2A.36 Student, Faculty, and Peer Evaluation Forms
2A.37 Academic Senate Bylaws
2A.38 Curriculum Committee Bylaws
2A.39 Faculty Handbook
2A.40 Sample Course Outlines
2A.41 GCFA Survey of Adjunct Faculty
2A.42 GCFA Contract
2A.43 Class Homepage Website
2A.44 English Exit Exam
2A.45 Academic Senate Minutes
2A.46 Curriculum Committee Minutes
2A.47 IEC Report for Allied Health
2A.48 Accreditation Evaluation Report, 2001 - Standard 4, Recommendation 9
2A.49 Institutional Research Website
2A.50 Transfer Pattern
2A.51 ASSIST Website
2A.52 Transfer Center Website
2A.53 Gavilan Website, Homepage
2A.54 Report to the Community
2A.55 Standards of Conduct

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